UCLA (45k + in-state) v. Northwestern v. Cornell

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UCLA (45k + in-state) v. Northwestern v. Cornell

Postby saladfiend » Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:08 pm

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Re: UCLA (45k + in-state) v. Northwestern v. Cornell

Postby weee » Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:18 pm

saladfiend wrote:Any thoughts? I'd probably like to practice in California where I grew up, but I still would like to be able to work nationally.

At current tuition--and this could change--UCLA in-state is ~10k less than private schools, so UCLA should cost 25k less per year than these others.


Just FYI the tuition rates for the next couple years at UCLA are going up, I've included the in-state rates, this comes from the UC regents, it is also what I heard at admitted student day from the fin-aid staff. This year's in-state + health insurance is 40.5k. You're still looking at saving a fair chunk of change but just keep these tuition rates in mind.

If you really want to to be flexible with out of state, just consider the value of your scholarship to really be your true level of savings, assuming "roughly" equal costs of living.

What do you realistically want from your future, you're very vague about and might want to elaborate on for more informed help (type of law, other markets you might want work in, etc.)

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