Colorado, Illinois, Indiana

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Colorado, Illinois, Indiana

Postby bearftbl » Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:37 pm

Need some last minute advice/helpful thoughts.

I'm currently an undergrad at UIUC and like it here but I love visiting family in Colorado and will have more family moving there in a few years. I would love to work and live in Colorado in the future.

The question I have is about the portability of the degrees from IU and UIUC, respectively. I know if I work hard enough I will probably be able to find some sort of work in Colorado right after graduation, but realistically what are my chances?

How much of an advantage in finding a job right out of law school will going to Colorado-Boulder give me over a degree from IU or UIUC or will it at all?

Throw into the mix that I was offered a full scholly to IU, 20K/yr at UIUC, and 30K,10 and 10K (with easy in state tuition) at CU. I'm having a hard time passing up the money from IU and I have visited and liked all of the schools (no gut feeling for any, unfortunately).

Basically, how portable are the degrees from IU and UIUC because I'm not too excited about working in Chicago even if that is where the money is. Do rankings really mean that much because there is a drop from IU and UIUC to CU?

Thanks for any of your thoughts.


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Re: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana

Postby tycho_brahe » Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:15 pm

You're not going to be super-screwed with debt no matter which option you pick. So pick Colorado, because you want to work in Colorado.

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