Money vs ranking vs location for IP law

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Money vs ranking vs location for IP law

Postby EricInLaw » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:15 pm

Hello all,

I'm planning on pursuing a career as an IP lawyer so my applications and decisions are going to be based around that end goal. With that in mind, location and money are also important factors in my decision. I've come here hoping for some open feedback about the choices I have available to me at this point. In no particular order, here they are-

Franklin Pierce:#4 IP school in the country, offered me a 38,000 dollar scholarship. Located in Concord, NH population roughly 50k. That size might be a little for what I am looking for.

Santa Clara:#8 IP school, offered me 11,000 dollar scholarship. Located in Santa Clara, California which is one of the hubs of IP law in the country. Also an area of the country where I would VERY much like to live. However, they aren't offering the same level of money and are ranked slightly lower than FP.

Wake Forest:Not particularly known for IP law but they have the highest overall rank (~40) of any school I have been admitted to thus far. Not sure on scholarship info. from them yet as they have not told me anything...and I tend to think that bodes poorly for my chances at a hefty reward. Located in Winston-Salem, NC. Another area of the country in which I would like to live.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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