Typical Splitter Cycle?

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Typical Splitter Cycle?

Postby jackiemanuel » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:16 am

Stats: 170/2.7

DePaul 36k
Kent 24k
Lewis & Clark
George Mason

George Washington
William & Mary
Wake Forest

In the Wind
North Carolina

So I've narrowed it down to Georgia and Lewis & Clark. L&C extended my deposit deadline and will reconsider me for $$. At the moment it would be hard to attend L&C over UGA when considering the costs (let them know this already). That said, I'd much rather spend my first ten years working in Portland than in Atlanta and it does seem like UGA has very little opportunities outside the state. Of course, an acceptance from WUSTL or UNC would change things, as would an admit off the wait list with any $. Does that ever happen? I'm going into law school with an open mind about what my career will be though I do worry about massive loans making my life very inflexible. Any wisdom from the masses?

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