SLU v SIU v JM v Valpo v DePaul v Marquette

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SLU v SIU v JM v Valpo v DePaul v Marquette

Postby hundorama » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:25 pm

2.5/160 I applied very late to all my schools. I got in at St. Louis 8k/year, Southern Illinois free tuition, John Marshall with 15k/year, Valpo at 50% tuition (not very risky either), Depaul at sticker, and Marquette at 4k/year. I also got in at Drake and Creighton. I would like to end up in either Chicago or St Louis.

I know there are many people who will see this post and tell me to take a year off and retake/re-apply but I am going to go somewhere this fall. The idea of going to Southern doesnt sound all that bad for me, and from what I have heard it places well in St. Louis. if you have the grades. Would the added cost be worth going to SLU over Southern? As far as the other 4 schools, would either DePaul and Marquette, both being sticker or close to it, offer enough value over John Marshall or Valpo to warrent the added cost?

As I understand, degrees from Drake and Creighton are really only valuable in their home markets.

At this point I am leaning towards Southern. The tiny amount of debt I will incur and the ability to be employed in St Louis sounds pretty good. I have no aspirations of big law. Graduating and landing a 50-75k a year gig somewhere would be fine.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: SLU v SIU v JM v Valpo v DePaul v Marquette

Postby td6624 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:30 pm

If you got that much money from SLU this late in the cycle, I would imagine you'd get more from them and roughly the equivalent at DePaul next cycle. I know you said you're going somewhere this fall, but that is pretty much equivalent to throwing money down the toilet.

I only know of one attorney who went to SIU. He works in the Chicago 'burbs and is loaded. But I wouldn't assume that that's typical.

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