anyone visited CUNY

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anyone visited CUNY

Postby sspeev » Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:09 pm

Curious to hear other people's impressions of the school. Anyone sit in on a class, and if so how'd you find it to be? Trying to suss out the overall academic feel of CUNY. Seemed laid-back, homey, etc...but was only there for a few hours. I watched a Contracts class and (this could have just been the teacher, or the particular day I was there) it did seem a little more on the easygoing lecture, rather than dialogue, side. I know law school's law school, and no matter how collegial the place, the overall experience is still going to be challenging... and that maybe the difference, academically speaking, between a school like CUNY and, say, Cardozo is sort of hair-splitting. In other words, the material at these schools is more or less the same; it's more just a question of you getting out of it what you put in...up to a degree. Thoughts?

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