Help Me Choose

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Help Me Choose

Postby lovethelaw88 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:51 pm

Hi Everyone! So now that my cycle is officially over, can you give me your thoughts on where I should go? Some important facts: I'll be moving with my boyfriend. Neither of us has a car. We currently live in Boston and that is where he works. I'll be paying for everything myself (living expenses will be split with BF).

I got Waitlisted at Vandy and BC. I'm staying on both of the waitlists...I figure it doesn't hurt.

I got into:

-Temple with 12k/year
-UMiami with 20k/year
-Georgia State with $0
-Quinnipiac with 20k/year
-Roger Williams with a full scholarship
-New England School of Law with 30k/year
-Suffolk with $0 (ha!)
-Western New England College with 30k/year
-Northeastern with 8.5k/year
-University of South Carolina with $0.

Miami has an expensive COL and BF and I would both need cars. Also, transportation to come home for holidays would be a small all things considered, I think Miami is too expensive for me. Northeastern is way too expensive to only have given me $8500. Many of the other schools i just applied to as safeties.

So I think I've got it narrowed down to Temple or Roger Williams. I went to visit Roger Williams and have to say, I was very impressed by their honors program and facility. What do you think: Temple or Roger Williams?

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Re: Help Me Choose

Postby voice of reason » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:13 pm

Temple is not in a nice part of Philadelphia. However, it has OK local job prospects relative to the reduced tuition. Are you prepared to live in Philadelphia after graduation? If you go there, that is likely to be where you have the most success with your job search.

I got the same offer from Temple and decided not to go because I don't want to live in Philadelphia.

I don't know anything about Roger Williams except that it is T4. Are there strings attached to the scholarship, like staying in the top x% of the class or maintaining a certain GPA? If so, discount the value of the scholarship accordingly.

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