Different schools - IUB vs. W&L vs. Boulder

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Indiana UB
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Different schools - IUB vs. W&L vs. Boulder

Postby savagecheater » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:10 pm

I'm still waiting on W&M and ND, but I'm planning without those in mind.

I understand that each is a regional school - pretty much none of the three will have much portability out of their target markets, and I get that.

My considerations -

I'm positive that CU has its market on lock, but how much market there is for CU grads, I'm not quite sure. It's the lowest ranked of the three as well.

I'm really leaning heavily towards either IUB or W&L. They're both very pretty, and QOL seems pretty reasonable at both. When it comes down to it for me, though, I care very little about the surrounding area; I really don't care much about the neighborhood, how much there is to do, how isolated, etc. My UG has taught me that ANY area can be dealt with.

It's stupid and frivolous, but I care about rank - IUB @ 23 and W&L @ 30 would seem to be clear cut, but the vibes I'm getting suggest that IUB's rank is misleading and it will not keep it for long. W&L seems like it's more stable, but if IUB is stable as well then I'd rather chill in the 20's. But if W&L will remain 26-30 and IUB goes to 35-40, I'd rather have stayed with W&L.

Finally, and most importantly, home markets. I think that they each have to tap into non-native markets (Chicago & DC) for the best jobs, and they're both at least tertiary for each (if not more). Which will ultimately be better in its respective market?

I have reasonable scholarships from each, so that's surprisingly low in terms of priority.

Hell, which one would you pick?
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Re: Different schools - IUB vs. W&L vs. Boulder

Postby mazzini » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:16 pm

Well, it seems as though you have already made your choice. IUB will not fall to the 30's in your three years and I don't know what you have reading but I have heard the contrary about IUB...

CU isn't a consideration for you unless you are set on working in the mountain region.

You know what you want, and it permeates from the synopsis of your situation... enjoy IUB


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Re: Different schools - IUB vs. W&L vs. Boulder

Postby savagecheater » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:45 am

Can anyone else weigh in on the pros & cons of either - reputation/placement, general appreciation of the school?

I'm seriously torn.

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Re: Different schools - IUB vs. W&L vs. Boulder

Postby 84Sunbird2000 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:22 pm

Well, IUB and W and L are my top two choices (currently) as well, but rank should NOT be a consideration. They are peer schools, but have different markets. IUB employs a lot more at graduation and has a home market (Indianapolis), but W&L has a bigger reach over most of the east coast and south. If you really want a chance to clerk for a federal judge, Washington and Lee is a genuinely strong school. If you want to work in the Midwest, and to some degree DC or NY, then go to IUB. I know you don't have much preference on where to live, but without it the choice is impossible to make. Washington and Lee places more into the TLS' ALMIGHTYBIGLAW, but I don't know if you are into that.

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