a little help please

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a little help please

Postby mustang004 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:25 pm

Hey yall, here is my current situation. Please provide any insight you can. Thanks!

William Mitchell: 75% tuition scholarship (renewable with 2.8 gpa)

St. Thomas: 10,000/yr (automatic with good standing)

Hamline: 60% scholarship (renewable with 2.9)

Marquette: 4,000/yr

U. of Kansas: no $ so far

Drake: 12,500/yr

Additional info:
As you can imagine, I clearly have a midwest preference. Although I reside in the Twin Cities, I have no strong desire to stay right here.

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Re: a little help please

Postby evilxs » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:24 am

Drop Hamline completely from your considerations. They are a 4th tier school not even on par with the list of third tier schools or even the few 2nd tiers you have in here. To even be considered they would have had to of offered you a full ride. The scholarship dollars seals the deal on no Hamline.

st/tch $$ bar jobs @ 9 months cost after scholly

U Kansas 11.6 26.5k 93.1% 94.3% employability 26.5k
Marquette 16.3 32k 100% 96.7% employability 28k
Drake 13.4 32k 96% 97% employability 19.5k
William Mitchell 21.9 32k 91% 90% employability 24k
St Thomas 17.6 35k 91.2% 94.9%employability 25k

The schools listed above are in their order of ranking. The first 4 are ranked much higher than the last school. The first one enjoys a high ranking simply because of some factors similar to why Iowa is ranked so high. It is probably ranked higher than it should be and comparing it to the next 3 schools is probably within the same ballpark. Looking at bar passage rates you might ask why Marquette is so high. It is because they automatically pass the Wisconsin bar. That is great and all if you want to live in Wisconsin forever and ever. No bar exam is always a bonus, but that number DOES NOT reflect on the education given at that school.

The problem with schools in the midwest is that the schools you have listed are really only good for the areas where they are located. There is very little portability for those degrees. If you want to get a good job you will be looking in the state where you received the degree and the closer to each university the better. You need to ask yourself do I want to live in MN, IA, KS, WI? Have you been to any of the open houses/Admitted Students Day for any of those schools?

Considering student teacher ratios, employability, bar passage rates and cost I would go with Drake or Univ. of Kansas. That 7k difference in cost will be 21k over 3 years which personally would seal Drake for me.

Cost figures above are just the tuition figures for each school not inclusive of boarding meals, etc etc. Most schools have a nearly identical budget for that stuff in the midwest.

I had to make the exact same choices you did except I was also considering Creighton with $$$ and Iowa full cost. (Which is a highly ranked tier 1 school) I still chose not to go there.

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