Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

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Re: Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

Postby hanabana » Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:48 pm

Observationalist, unfortunately, Hofstra doesn't release their stats for class rankings by gpa, so I am not entirely sure. However, according to NYLS's stats for the class of 2009, to be top 25%, you needed a 3.26 and above. So it seems that a 3.35 is well above the top 20% for NYLS! So the 3.35 requirement by NYLS is quite strict. Since Hofstra and NYLS seem to be similar in their student-selection, I am assuming the Hofstra numbers wouldn't be far off. Therefore, I agree with your guess that Hofstra's top 40% requirement is less risky.

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Re: Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

Postby DonReady » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:39 pm

My source was actually a student who chose to attend Brooklyn on a scholarship, found himself in a section stacked with scholly recipients, and then lost his scholarship after 1L year when he couldn't hit the gpa requirement. I admit he didn't provide any proof that his section was heavy in scholarship recipients, so that could have been a faulty conclusion on his part.

Regardless, himself and many of his friends all went to Brooklyn on scholarships expecting that they would do well enough to keep them, and then realized too late that contingent scholarships on a curved grading system are a lot more risky than they had assumed. The school may no longer place stronger applicants in the same section (if they ever did... my friend could certainly be wrong), but in my opinion they do not adequately inform scholarship recipients of how likely it is they will actually retain their scholarship after the first year. If the school has changed their notification methods I'd love to take a look at the information they provide these days.

I received a scholarship from BLS...the retention requirement was staying in the top 40% of my total class (not section, and they group their FT and PT students together). No GPA requirement, and unlike the offers I received elsewhere, you only lose a portion if you fall below that 40% and can regain your scholarship if your rank improves back to 40%. To lose 100% of your scholarship you'd have to place in the bottom of the class. They also offer the chance to get even more money if you rank extremely well. Don't know what happened with your friend...maybe he and his friends bombed or things have changed since then and now.

OP, I'd go with Hofstra. They seem to have a larger alumni base in NY area than NYLS. Can't speak to the nature of the commute. My wife (a Suffolk County native) says Hempstead isn't too bad. Word of warning on Hofstra, their bar passage rate for 1st time takers in NY is the lowest in the state.

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Re: Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

Postby Cara » Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:24 am

They are both grossly overpriced dumps that have pretty much equally terrible reputations. You'd be far better off retaking the LSAT. If you absolutely want to go to one then you may as well take the shorter commute.


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Re: Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

Postby ldsinai » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:06 am

I go to Hofstra and it's ranking was released to the school (apparently, as i checked for it online, not released on the internet yet). Hofstra will be 86 on the upcoming rankings (up from 100), if that helps at all for you. I know some people weigh rankings heavily.


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Re: Hofstra Law or New York Law School?

Postby green_esqs_n_ham » Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:19 am

Since you're from the Island, I'd recommend staying here. Hempstead is not nice, but Hofstra is right at the edge and is just as close to Garden City's commercial section. I work there and it is actually pretty nice east and north of the campus.

I've only met one NYLS alumni while working in Garden City. He was very bright, but went there like a hundred years ago. But I've met dozens of Hofstra students, some good and some mediocre. The name really won't make too much of a difference, but Hofstra has a lot of connections to Garden City, the center local law firms, and the rest of Nassau.

As for scholarships, be careful. I did poorly only in legal writing and lost mine after first year by a handful of ranking spots. Oddly, most of the students in my section also had scholarships and now dominate the law review, etc.

Definitely don't let the prelaw students dissuade you from going to these law schools. Overall, I'd go with Hofstra, because despite there lower bar passage rate this year (an anomaly), I heard from my professor that NYLS forces students at the bottom of the class to take an extra semester of bar prep, thus keeping them from taking the bar exam in July.

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