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Re: UMD vs. DePaul...maybe?

Postby ToTransferOrNot » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:26 pm

barracudasix wrote:I'll try to make this as concise as possible!

I'm posting a little prematurely, as I applied in late Jan/early Feb and have only heard back from 1/3 of the schools I applied to. But I'm antsy! Like everyone else, I want to plan, plan, plan. :roll: :oops:

I have a strong interest and background in the arts, so my ultimate goal is in schooling/living/working in NYC or LA. I think I may want to go into A&E IP law, but who knows.

I have been accepted at UMD (haven't heard about any awards) and DePaul ($20k/yr merit scholarship if I maintain a 3.2). Had applied to DePaul as a safety because they waived my app fee, but now I am enticed by the scholarship/location (lots of friends in the arts in Chi). Worked for a lawyer trained at UMD and he was an awesome boss; wouldn't mind being on the I-95 corridor (raised, did undergrad, and lived in the mid-Atlantic states).

If I got into NO other school and HAD to choose between these two, which should it be? Should I really just go with UMD for the ranking? Regions don't seem perfect and money IS an issue.

I am waitlisted at BU and accepted at PSU; haven't heard from any of the NY/LA schools. 165/3.53

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