Count myself lucky or reapply?

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Re: Count myself lucky or reapply?

Postby asealclubber » Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:04 pm

Can you point to some statistics supporting your claims about NYU's lesser national reach?


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Re: Count myself lucky or reapply?

Postby ToTransferOrNot » Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:11 pm

asealclubber wrote:Can you point to some statistics supporting your claims about NYU's lesser national reach?

With due respect, this is an internet message board, not an academic journal. I have better things to do (like studying for this goddamned BK final I have tomorrow) than research something which I indicated, in my post, was a "general sense" that may, or may not, have any kind of basis in reality.

The idea that NYU doesn't have the same national reach is a similar 'general sense', though it is a general sense that is somewhat borne out if you look at the attorney profiles of large firms outside of NYC. There's almost certainly a lot of self-selection, and a lot of that self-selection is probably due to the fact that a lot of the interesting PI work is in NYC, but so it goes.

Edit: People talk about self-selection as if it doesn't actually have a substantive effect on reach in to a particular market. If your alumni base has self-selected out of a given market, you don't have the alumni base to draw on for connections to that market. If there aren't many NYU grads at a given California branch of a firm, NYU is going to be less of a known quality to that firm. NYU may be a fantastic school, but it still helps if grads from a particular school are a known quantity at a given office--not to mention simple issues of alumni loyalty to a particular school. I would be willing to bet that a Berkeley grad is going to be view much more favorably in a CA office than an NYU grad--the same probably cannot be said about a Columbia or UChicago grad.


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Re: Count myself lucky or reapply?

Postby ljmrc3344 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:14 am

asealclubber wrote:OP: Why did you have you sights set on Chicago and Columbia, but not NYU? Even now, all your posts make it seem like you would still be disappointed if you only got into NYU.

Well, I should clarify that I would be alright with going to NYU if I didn't manage to get into any of the other schools. My disappointment in that case would be exceedingly minimal. My reasons for preferring Chicago and Columbia are as follows:

1) I really like the idea of Chicago's small class. While Columbia is sort of pushing it in terms of class sizes I find preferable, it is still smaller than NYU, which has another 50 students about on top of that number, I believe. Smaller seems better.

2) I really, really like Chicago's faculty, despite the whole Law & Economics stuff, which I don't really agree with. I got to sit in on a faculty seminar on Law & Philosophy and even though it is not really my are of expertise, I found the entire affair utterly engaging. I really like the idea of studying under those people. I know that NYU has been getting really good faculty recently, but I think that Chicago will still trump it by the time I graduate.

3) Chicago has higher placement in Article III clerkships and seems kind of geared towards that more scholarly side of the legal profession than NYU.

4) Columbia is RIGHT up my alley in terms of the programs and clinics that they offer. I know the whole idea of "International Law" is widely mocked around here, but the stuff really fascinates me, especially in the case of human rights, international accords/treaties, etc. Maybe even if becoming a practitioner of public international law is a little unrealistic, becoming an academic on the subject or the using one of their JD / LLM/Maitrise programs to practice in Europe (I should have European citizenship by then) seem like worthwhile goals too. I know NYU has a similar reputation and focus, and although the JD/PhD in French seems really interesting, it is not QUITE so tailored to my goals. Certainly good enough that I would be happy to attend, though.

5) Columbia and Chicago do seem to have a bit more reach nationally, if only by reputation (which unfortunately means a lot in the legal world). Again, this seems to be only a marginal difference but I think it does exist.

6) I'm not to big on NYU's campus. Greenwich Village is a cool place with a lot going on, but I do prefer an actual campus. I've visited all three (I've only visited NYU for undergrad, so I've never been to the law school) and I know that I like Chicago and Columbia more. Chicago has the best campus proper, probably. I'm a sucker for that Collegiate Gothic, Cambridge look. But then again Hyde Park is a little meh and the distance to downtown is not optimal. Columbia is probably the best of both worlds since Morningside Heights is quiet, collegiate and the school has a proper campus, and you can just take the metro for the more happening parts of New York.

These are all small things though I suppose, and I really shouldn't act so picky when none of the three have yet to offer me admission. I would totally love to go to NYU though. I hope I didn't make myself sound otherwise.


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Re: Count myself lucky or reapply?

Postby td6624 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:13 am

Maybe you're just not as awesome as you thought.

I mean really this thread is just all kinds of annoying.

Edit: Saying "I don't mean to sound like I have a sense of entitlement" doesn't mean you don't have a sense of entitlement. For the record.

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