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Postby bigmnstyle » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:51 am

I am thinking about taking a year off getting a job that hopefully involves reading or writing (even like a substitute teacher that I could put work into my lsat studies while working) I went from a diagnostic of 144 to 153 first attempt to a 156 on my 2nd lsat attempt. I usually get about 20 right on games and then only around 32 right on reasoning and 14-15 on reading comp. I bought the powerscore reading comp book and I feel if I go through the whole thing and read passage after passage during that year I take off that I can get that reading comp up to 20. I also have room for improvement in the logical reasoning section but I feel it is always the same. Get the first 13 out of 14 right and then go on a missing spree. Any advice there?? Do you think with a solid 7 months of practice at about 2 hours a day I could get above the 160? If I got up to 163 that would bring me to another tier of schools. I have already taken a Kaplan class and don't know what my full potential is on the lsat and if it can be learned enough to score another 6 points higher.


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Postby insidethetwenty » Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:15 pm

Holy Big Wall of Text, Batman!

And I believe you will get more/better answers if you post this over here.

Happy studying!

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