Duke vs. Cornell for corporate law?

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Re: Duke vs. Cornell for corporate law?

Postby Steven Perry » Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:54 am

woeisme wrote:
Steven Perry wrote:As an undergraduate who has been avidly researching law schools, I'd say Duke is the obvious choice given your geographical preference. Duke works in NY, DC, and I would imagine works exceptionally well in the South. Cornell is also great in NY and DC, but I doubt Southern employers see many Cornell grads. If familiarity with law schools works for anything in the hiring process, going to Duke would cover your bases in the South.

Not to be a dick at all, but have you been to south florida? I have family down there and a number of friends in the legal profession. I'm not sure that Cornell is better than Duke there, but it's absolutely at least as good. I was surprised too. I think Duke's pull over Cornell is more of a Georgia/NC thing. Perhaps even Texas. It doesn't seem to extend down to Florida though. Just thought that tidbit would be interesting.

Steven Perry wrote:
As far as aesthetics go, I think Duke for the win. Not only is the architecture fantastic, but the climate is better for longer periods, there are some great restaurants around the campus, and I know first hand that the basketball obsessed culture is an absolute blast during this time of year.

Again, you're entitled to your own personal opinion, but Duke FTL. 8) IMHO Cornell's scenic beauty really cannot be beaten. I'll give you the weather point. Cornell has good restaurants, though I couldn't compare them to Duke's (... I've never eaten in Durham). As for basketball, Cornell's pretty into it lately too, though it is still an Ivy team (and thus sports aren't the cultural norm that they are at schools like Duke).

Valid points, and keep in mind my opinions are probably skewed at the moment because I'm so sick of the cold. I was just assuming Duke would do better in Southern Florida because of proximity. I also have allergies, so scenic beauty really doesn't do much for me, though I have to say that Cornell library is pretty Hogwartsy-awesome. But like I said, I'm more into the color blue.


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Re: Duke vs. Cornell for corporate law?

Postby thefunkman » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:02 pm


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