Is the smaller class size really an asset ITE?

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Re: Is the smaller class size really an asset ITE?

Postby miamiman » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:16 am

daviddel03 wrote:how does berkeley fit into this discussion?

I don't know and only a UCB student could tell you. If I had to speculate -- and I disclaim I am an 0L -- I'd guess the firm diversity issue would be less pronounced at UCB for a few reasons:

1) More students ~300.

2) More students self-select into the Bay which (allegedly) has had two consequences:

a.) a more regional OCI process with fewer east coast/southeast/midwest firms come to recruit.

b.) tighter hiring among california/pacific west firms because the students want to practice in the pacific

3) also, and a lot of this may be self-selection, I don't think UCB is regarded as highly as other schools when it comes to big firm hiring. I also think that's substantiated by Leiter's rankings. This last one though may be fringe and I'm absolutely not trying to anti-troll.

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Re: Is the smaller class size really an asset ITE?

Postby Vincent Vega » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:21 am

miamiman wrote:
JSUVA2012 wrote:
miamiman wrote:so let's take Virginia. Is it better to be at NU or Virginia, all else equal? not trying to troll but same rank, slight differences otherwise, 100 or so student difference per class.

You mean if we assume two schools are equal except one has 250 per class and the other has 350? I'd take the school with 250 for a variety of reasons, one of them being tiny placement boost.

I pulled my ED at michigan in some part (however small) because I felt that being one/370 would hurt me.

I pulled my Mich Ed because they rejected me. :(

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