Why All The GW Hate On TLS?

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Re: Why All The GW Hate On TLS?

Postby pennstatepride » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:01 pm

ATOIsp07 wrote:
pennstatepride wrote:
ATOIsp07 wrote:
pennstatepride wrote:BTW, I am a nerd for having an argument about schools,during school hours, on an online forum about schools.


lol thanks. But I mean, we are all on the same forum . . .

fair enough...but I wouldn't be sitting in class worrying about getting on TLS for an argument about schools.

lol got me there. Guess I just got 3L-itis.

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Re: Why All The GW Hate On TLS?

Postby Blindmelon » Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:11 am

ATOIsp07 wrote:
Blindmelon wrote:Uh.. and GW is the BU of DCand Fordham is the GW of NY or DC or, whats your point again? They're all peer schools. Who cares?

I personally don't care but you're the asshat who deems which schools are worthy to attend and which schools aren't.

My grand point is that unless you attend Yale, stop dissing other schools that may not be "good enough".

Asshat? I was joking about the Vault whatever BS. I don't care where you go to school. Why would I say a peer school to where I go isn't worth attending? I think you're confusing me with someone.

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