How would having an IP background affect your LS choice?

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How would having an IP background affect your LS choice?

Postby yeast master » Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:33 pm

. . . if at all?

Like most 0L's, I'm trying to balance LS rankings/employment prospects against cost, and I gather that, in general, employment prospects for those with strong IP credentials (like bio PhD or BS/MS in EE) are better than for the average JD. If that's true, I'm trying to figure out if and how that fact should tilt the balance--if it would make more sense for a prospective patent lawyer to take lower-cost options than it would for the average prospective lawyer.

Assuming that cost and debt are major considerations, would you look more seriously lower-cost T1 schools? Would T14 at sticker still make sense? Considering opportunities like the Loyola Patent Fair, would you be as concerned about the strength of a school's OCI? Or would it still be T14 or bust?

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