Anyone else moving down a notch?

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Re: Anyone else moving down a notch?

Postby whitman » Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:12 am

Sorry MF, I didn't realize we were listing every single thing we'd ever done. My point was exactly what you were saying, actually. I can tell you're probably a helluva conversation partner - very subtle and quick witted. Yes, law school is happier to accept someone as interesting as a doorknob then undergraduates are. That was what I was saying, bro: that it wasn't all numbers as evidenced by my luck. (You see? I said I had high numbers and yet still got waitlisted or denied by 9 schools, implying that schools consider more than just numbers). I won't bother wasting time talking about where I got into or any of that. It sounds like you really did a lot of great things and deserved scholarships and whatnot, and that's fantastic. I'm not sure where the aggression came from (too much church? narcolepsy? compulsive bragging? a silver medal in the 2004 National Debate championships?) or how it's possible to have a GPA > 4.0 (yes I know schools inflate their GPAs, but surely you recognize that's bullshit and that colleges adjust to the standard 4.0 scale).

Na_Swatch wrote:
MF248 wrote:
Na_Swatch wrote:
MF248 wrote:
Please define what a 'top' high school is?

Also, I think UGs take alot more consideration into soft factors. I had a 4.3, 1460 on the old SAT, 7 AP tests (All 5's, took a nap during some of them), was a three sport athlete (All conference & captain of the teams), and debated at a national level while also being captain of the debate team, president of the national forensics league, was on NHS, student body, a conference advisory board, youth swim coach & a ton of other stuff including a national award for church service and doing lots of charity work for organizations that help support my Autistic brother.

Good high school grades are a dime a dozen so they want to see what else you've done. Maybe you think law school is easier to get into because they're willing to accept someone as interesting as a door knob.

I had no problems getting into colleges. For one school I forgot to submit half my application, and they still only waitlisted me. Everywhere else let me in with a scholarship. I went to the one that offered me a full scholarship.

Eh, I don't think a full scholarship to a Big 10 school counts as "no problems" getting into any college...

I mean its the Big 10, ugh, not really saying too much :lol:

That's where I went, that's not all the places I applied. That was actually the backup and I didn't think I would even bother with the school until I got the scholarship.

Haha I was just ribbing you, I understand the allure of no debt.

Still, I don't think you can discount numbers from the HS process. I had 5+ GPA, 1580 SAT, 10+ APs and not much in HS softs (couple of sports, but no leadership or tons of fake club presidents etc.).
Didn't get H or Y, probably due to ethnicity, but pretty good cycle otherwise, ending up with T20 Private full tuition scholarship + stipend.


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Re: Anyone else moving down a notch?

Postby JOThompson » Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:30 am

I moved up, but not as much as I would've hoped. Tier 3 undergrad to ~T20.

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