OCI Process: Texas, Vanderbilt, Michigan

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OCI Process: Texas, Vanderbilt, Michigan

Postby zanyventer » Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:11 pm

Student pre-select? Employer pre-select? Lotteries? Bids? Spin the bottle? Advantages/disadvantages?

Current students: How does it work? Does it matter? Knowing what you now know, would the OCI process have figured more into your school choice?


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Re: OCI Process: Texas, Vanderbilt, Michigan

Postby fortissimo » Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:51 pm

At Michigan students bid. Some bid on offices in various markets. I think the career services recommends limiting it to 1 or max 2 markets, but I know people who bid on 3 markets this past OCI. There is no pre-screening of any kind and employers do not screen.

Advantages: You can interview with v10 even if you have a bad GPA if you get the bid.
Disadvantages: You probably won't get the job if you bid on a firm that usually hires those with GPAs too high above your GPA.

Michigan releases GPA info to 2Ls though, so you have an idea what each office's average GPA is for those hired in the past before you make your bids.

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