Michigan (sticker) v. BU ($60k)

(Rankings, Profiles, Tuition, Student Life, . . . )

What to do?

Michigan at sticker
BU with $60k
Deposit at both and take another month or so to decide
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Re: Michigan (sticker) v. BU ($60k)

Postby oscarthegrouch » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:10 pm

zanda wrote:
oscarthegrouch wrote:
UFMatt wrote:Wow, good for you OP. It takes guts to overcome the USNWR mentality. BU seems like a great law school. I got in and enjoyed visiting; had they offered me a scholarship I would've been sorely tempted. The completely silent room within the already quiet study area was great.

The USNWR mentality? AKA the get a job mentality? BU is being killed ITE at OCI. Then again, maybe OP does a lot more "work" to make connections, so she would not have to rely on OCI.

I agree. Given that there wasn't a big money difference, taking BU over UM in this economy is nuts IMO assuming you don't have very very very strong familial or some other commitments keeping you from the midwest. Since you said you want to eventually raise a family, I assume this isn't the case. I certainly wouldn't put this much weight on how a school makes me feel inside ITE. "Public international law" wasn't terribly likely from UM (nor is it terribly likely from anywhere, really... I'm not knocking UM here), but from BU?

Credited, but don't forget, her working as a legal assistant stapling papers and aligning margins means she has a definite associate position at her v10 that does not even recruit from BU. After all, the next step after collating briefs is writing them.

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