BU vs GW

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BU or GW?

BU (with $20,000 a year)
GW (with $30,000 a year + first year free housing)
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Re: BU vs GW

Postby zenithtonadir » Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:57 pm

This year's rankings should really come with a disclaimer (especially when compared to last year's) because this year USN started to count part-time programs. In response, GW is decimating the PT program (from 150 to 50 seats), and is generally busting its ass to raise their medians and then rankings back to where they more properly belong.

BTW, I'm in a really similar situation (money-wise: I got the same offer from GW, and a little less from BU). I'm interested in international/human rights/environmental-type law, so I'm thinking GW is going to be much better (come on, the DOJ and EPA are right there!). Of course, still holding out for Berkeley...but even then it'll be a tough situation given the economic/tuition situation in CA.

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